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Welcome to the CigarShop Website Template

This example is designed to give your website a professional look to gain the trust of your clients and customers. It comes with everything you need to bring your business into the online world with ease. Your favorite picture of your lounge or humidor would go in this area.

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Designing a site with CigarShop Manager is easy! Your new website will make your first impression with your customers. We’ll help you make sure it’s a great one. This video could give people a tour of your humidor!

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Cigar Expertise

Use this section to highlight your experience and expertise! Tell your users if you're a certified tobacco expert, how long you've been in business, and more!

Awesome Lounge

If you've got an awesome lounge, state of the art ventilation, or indoor/outdoor seating, tons of TVs or a full kitchen, tell people about that!

Giant Humidor

As you know, not all humidors are created equal, and you've put a lot of time and money into making yours awesome. Use this area to tell people about it!

Tons of Amenities

You might be the only cigar shop in town, but your customers will always have a choice of where to smoke. Tell them about your amenities, and how you're their home away from home!

People will come from miles around to visit your humidor and to buy the cigars inside it. But they’ll likely want to see photos of what you’ve got or, at least, a list of the brands you carry. We’ll help you create a brands page to show off your sticks!

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